My Love-Hate Relationship with Hot Yoga

Up until a year ago, I belonged to a fun, upbeat vinyasa yoga studio where lifting your spirits held equal status with lifting your mula bandha. Every part of me loved it, except for two tiny bones between my thumb and wrist. The cartilage between these bones has worn thin from too many injuries over the years, and the resulting arthritis made downward dog and crow pose nearly impossible. I set out to find a yoga class that involved no weight bearing on my wrists, and Bikram is the only yoga solution I found. ...(read full story)

Wasted in Bend: Local Efforts to Minimize Food Waste

Imagine standing in front of a fridge stocked with produce, dairy, meat, plus dozens of condiment jars. Now take a quarter of that food out and bury it. That might sound ridiculous, yet that's what happens all across the country: more than one-fourth of the food produced in the U.S. ends up in a landfill. According to ReFED, a national coalition that analyzes the economics of food waste, 62 million tons of food is wasted in the U.S. each year—nearly a pound per person, every day, filling over 2

Raising the Barre on Fitness

Ready to shake off the post-holiday doldrums with a fresh workout routine? Fitness aficionados across the country rave about barre studios: the positive atmosphere and community, the personal attention, and most of all, the results. Barre fitness studios combine ballet, yoga and Pilates, with an emphasis on proper alignment from head to toes. The exercises involve a ballet barre, resistance bands or light weights, and every session works both small and large muscles groups. The precise, isometr

Biking the McKenzie River Trail

We hoisted the bikes, one by one, up to Russ, our shuttle driver. He staggered them across the roof racks of the 12-person van, while the rest of our group double-checked their gear: helmets, gloves, hydration packs filled with energy bars, maps, extra windbreakers, spare tubes and patches, CO cartridges and first aid kits. What started off sounding like a day of recreational biking now resembled a covert military operation, and we wondered what exactly we had gotten ourselves into. Riding the